Week 7 ~ Creating an Empowering Vision for Your Life

Welcome on board! 

Here’s your homework:

Create a Soulful Vision Board you LOVE!!

Doing this is will seal the deal. It will create an empowered blueprint of your life that will inspire and guide you in the months to come.

1) Review this bagua to understand how to feng shui your vision board:

2) Read the blog post I wrote that gives you some tips.

feng shui bagua

3) Review these videos/blog posts I created on “How To Make A Great Vision Board”:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

4) Take the Chakra Test one more time. Compare it to the first test you took and send me an email (vicki@chakraboosters.com) noting the shifts you have made in all your chakras, plus anything else you want to share.

5) Access the Prosperity Partner Program for interactive exercises here.

When you finish your Soulful Vision Board, please send me a jpeg of it. I love, love, LOVE seeing your heartfelt vision board. And if you need any help along the way, contact me for a private session and take advantage of your special Chakra Abundance Member rate.

Good for you for completing this deep dive Chakra Abundance course! Now, finish your vision board and go create the life of your dreams!!

Much love,

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