Week 4 ~ Introduction to the Power of Your Shadow

Welcome on board! 

Here’s Your Homework:

1) Watch these three videos of Byron Katie doing the work and notice how she gets each person to own a quality they originally projected onto another. Of the three, who do you relate to the most and why?

My wife worries too much.

My son is weird.

My mother is selfish and controlling.

2) Make a list this week of every time you get annoyed, angry, irritated or in any other way disturbed by someone else’s behavior. Write down these three things:
-1. Who bothered you -2. the emotion you felt and -3. the quality that describes how they were being. You don’t even have to know the person. It could look like this:
-1. stranger on the freeway -2. irritated me -3. rude. So this means that someone on the freeway wouldn’t let you into their lane, and this irritated you because you felt they were being rude. Capture as many of these moments and feelings as you can.

3) Go to the Work website and print out two “Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheets” plus one “Instructions for Doing the Work” sheet. Familiarize yourself with both forms. Pick the most intense entry of your list from #2 above and do a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet on it. Keep the other copies for next week’s homework.

4) Access the Prosperity Partner Program for interactive exercises here.

Shadow work is not for wussies. Good for you for growing and doing such courageous, spiritual work!



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