Week 3 ~ The Masculine & Feminine Nature of Your Chakras & How to Balance Your Chakra Nexuses

Welcome on board! 

Here’s Your Homework:

1) Retake the Chakra Test HERE.

2) Look at the scores for the three main Chakra Nexuses: 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th, and pick the nexus with the biggest disparity between the two scores. This week, you’re going to work on boosting the weaker chakra of the nexus that has the biggest disparity. Do it in the following ways:

a) Focus on the color of that chakra — wear, look at, and eat things that are that color. You can also lay stones on your body (or wear them).  Here’s an article I wrote about the stones that heal each chakra.

b) Listen to the song from “Chakra Love” for that particular chakra as often as possible (until you know the words by heart).

c) Do daily tapping around any issues related to that chakra.

d) Continue doing Progressive Empowering Questions — especially for that particular chakra.

3) Watch the film “Gravity” and observe the chakra symbolism. This can be done anytime over the rest of the course, but you’ll get the most out of it if you do it as soon as possible while this week’s recording is still fresh in your memory. Watch this trailer if you want to whet your appetite.

4) Access the Prosperity Partner Program for interactive exercises here.

The more you use these healing tools, the better you get at using them. Good going!!



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