Week 2 ~ Making The Most of a Healing Crisis & Using Powerful Healing Tools (Healing Tattoos, Empowering Questions, EFT)

Welcome on board! 

Here’s Your Homework:

1) Watch the EFT Videos that show you how to do EFT and the best way to phrase the things you say during EFT. Download Vicki’s 7 Step EFT Process (Word document).

How To Do EFT/Tapping

What To Say While Doing EFT/Tapping

Here’s a great chart showing the 10 Tapping points:

2) Write several different Empowering Questions with Progressive Languaging and then pick your Big 3 – your favorite 3 in the area you really want to create big shifts — and say them at least 10 times every day. (Tip — write them on sticky notes and put them all over your house or car in fun places like inside your medicine cabinet, on the center of your steering wheel, inside your freezer, on your favorite piece of hanging art, etc.)

3) Do the Daily Chakra Boosters Meditation DAILY.

4) Wear your Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos – at least the one for the chakra that you scored the lowest on – and any other’s you like. Read the Chakra Tattoo FAQs page.

5) Access the Prosperity Partner Program for interactive exercises here.

Now you have tools you can use to shift your energy on a daily basis. Woo hoo!!



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