Week 1 ~ Diving Into Your Chakras & The 3 Chakra Types

Welcome on board! 

Here’s Your Homework:

1) Read Vicki’s “Intro To The Chakras” Article. Pay close attention to the section under each chakra that gives you tips for healing and balancing that chakra. After you take the chakra test, do two (or more) of the tips for healing your lowest scoring chakra.

2) Check out Vicki’s Color Coded Chakra Chart and find the affirmations listed for your lowest scoring chakra. Change them into Progressive Empowering Questions per Vicki’s instructions in this week’s recording.

3) Get very observant of yourself and the people around you this week and see if you can determine people’s Chakra Abundance Type by the way they look, talk, act, etc. Again, Vicki goes over the telltale signs in this week’s recording.

4) Access the Prosperity Partner Program for interactive exercises here.

Bravo — you’re on your way to Full Chakra Empowerment!



Up Next: Week 2

Making The Most of a Healing Crisis & Using Powerful Healing Tools (Healing Tattoos, Empowering Questions, EFT)