Prosperity Partner Program

This page contains a partner exercise program that complements the Chakra Abundance Course. It will help you anchor the material of the course so that you can LIVE it in an embodied way. Choose a partner you know will stick with the program (or maybe even motivate you!) and make sure you have listened to the recording for each week before you do the partner exercises. If possible, do the “omwork” first too.


Bonus Session: Preparing for Big Transformation

1. What do you intend to get out of this Chakra Abundance course? Share with your partner.

2. If #1 was a list of things, narrow it down for your partner and share the single most important thing you would like to get out of this course.  Tell your partner how you will know that you’ve gotten it. In other words, how are you going to measure your progress?

3. Tell your partner what parts of you are scared of change and what parts of you are excited about stepping into big transformation. How can you better support the part of you that is feeling a little trepidatious? Share some ideas.

4. Was there a time in your life when you acted on faith and it worked out? Or a time when you didn’t, but wish you had? Tell your partner about it these experiences.

Week 1 ~ Diving Into Your Chakras & The 3 Chakra Types

1. Share your Chakra Test results with your partner & discuss whether they are surprising to you or feel intuitively right. Why or why not?

2. Tell your partner what Chakra Type you think you are and why. It’s fine to feel you are a hybrid (as most of us are), just be very specific about what you feel and why.

3. Discuss your masculine and feminine energetic tendencies with your partner and share whether you feel more masculine, feminine or pretty balanced. What would be your ideal?  In what ways do you intend to shift in this course?

4. Note this is part of the regular homework assignment — you’re just enlisting your partner’s support with it. Read the “Intro To The Chakras” article and look at the Color-Colded Chakra Chart. Then, choose two activities from the “Boost & Balance” section of the “Intro To The Chakras” article for the chakra you scored lowest on — or you can make up two activities of your own if you are pretty sure they will boost that particular. Share your two activities with your partner and commit to doing them regularly over the next week.

Week 2 ~ Making The Most of a Healing Crisis & Using Powerful Healing Tools 

1. Ask your partner what issue they’d like to tap on, and then lead them through it using Vicki’s 7-Step EFT Process. Get them to be as specific as possible, so you can gauge if there was improvement.

2. For your regular homework this week, you’re supposed to write several Empowering Questions with progressive languaging. Share yours with your partner and get help in writing the strongest, most believable versions you can. Pick your Top 3 and have your partner ask you them repeatedly just changing the “I” to you. So if your empowering question is “Why do I love myself so much?” Your partner asks “Why do you love yourself so much?” Respond by repeating the question and adding “do” like this: “Why DO I love myself so much?” Be silent for about 10 seconds after each Empowering Question you repeat — allowing it to sink in. Do this for 5 – 10 mins of questioning each.

3. Share with your partner a healing crisis you’ve experienced during this course or in the past, and tell her (or him)  how you are or going to use (or could have used) this healing crisis to feel more empowered in your personal transformation.

Week 3 ~ The Masculine & Feminine Nature of Your Chakras & How to Balance Your Chakra Nexuses

1. Discuss your new chakra test results with your partner. What are the shifts you see so far? Do you feel the test is an accurate measure of your chakras? Why or why not?

2. Lead your partner through a tapping exercise using Vicki’s 7-Step Process (word doc) and an issue your partner wants to address. If necessary, help your partner choose an issue and word it in a simple, tangible way that can get results. Note, you will do this for each other, so you will go through the 7-step process twice, each of you leading the other once.

3. Discuss your most challenging Chakra Nexus point with your partner. What kinds of problems does it create in your life? How are you shifting it?  For example, “My heart chakra is much weaker than my solar plexus and I see in my relationship that I feel like I’ve sort of lost myself (and this has happened a lot in the past). I concur with my partner too much because I’m not even sure in the moment what I actually want.”

Week 4 ~ Introduction to the Power of Your Shadow

1. Share the list you made for homework assignment #1.

2. Pick two entries from the list (homework assignment #1). Grab the qualities that bothered you  from those two entries (i.e.., rude, lazy, greedy, bossy) and then tell your partner at least 3 examples in your life of when you have demonstrated those qualities. Be open and humble and you’ll find the examples more readily. We’re all human and pretty much make slight variations of the same mistakes.

3. Watch the short Byron Katie videos in the homework and discuss a few of your favorite moments and why they affected you.

Week 5 ~ Deeper Dive Into Shadow Empowerment Processes

1. Simply do the regular homework this week, but do it interactively with you partner. This includes doing Byron Katie’s the work and also Vicki’s Shadow Integration Process on something from your Shadow Integration Log. Make sure to include the Shadow Scramble Script which you want to do as fast as possible with your partner (as the ultimate goal is confusion). Note: Before you do the Scramble, make sure you have asked your partner to give you 3-5 positive affirmations, so you can feed them back to them at the end of the process when the subconscious mind is wide open. Done right, this is powerful!!

2. Tell your partner which process works better for you, The Work or The Shadow Integration Process and discuss why.

Week 6 ~ The Best Way To Heal & Balance Each Of Your Chakras

1. Share your top three chakra needs with your partner. If you can link any of the needs to a traumatic event, share that with your partner too — if you feel comfortable and safe doing so.

2. If you want to shift any of your needs or reprioritize them, share that with your partner. What would be your ideal needs list? Why?

3. If any of your chakra healing techniques for your top three needs requires a partner or would be enhanced with a partner, ask your partner to help you do yours.

4. Discuss which chakra healing techniques have worked best for you in this course.

Week 7 ~ Creating an Empowering Vision for Your Life

1. Discuss and go over the 7 downward chakra steps of the manifestation process until you feel confident that you both understand it fully. Quiz each other a bit.

2. Tell your partner the one, key thing you want to create in each of these life areas of your Soulful Vision Board: Wealth, Fame & Recognition, Love & Romance, Children & Creativity, Travel & Benefactors, Career & Life Path, Spiritual Growth & Wisdom, Family & Friends, Health & Home.

3. Decide on a monthly day/date (like the first Sunday of every month) when you can meet up and check in to see how you are progressing and practice some of the exercises from this course as a refresher, if needed.

We all need a support system to do our best. Bravo for being there for each other!